Who are we?

ConsortiuM is a network of 15+ professional networks seeking to harness the knowledge and skills of Muslim professionals in the UK. 

Our Vision:

Muslim professionals to be at the forefront in contributing to the UK being the best place to live, work and invest in.

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Our Members

Association of Muslim Lawyers (AML)

AML brings lawyers from a Muslim faith backgroud together both professionally and socially through talks, seminars, conferences and workshops.

British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA)

BIMA is the nationwide organisation for Muslim healthcare professionals and students with 1,500 members across 8 regions. Initiatives include teaching CPR in mosques, career orientation courses and more.

Cube Network

CUBE Network connects over 100 Corporate Muslim Networks across the City and beyond. With over 10,000 professionals in Banking, Finance, Consultancy, IT, Law, Telecoms and Professional services it provides organisational representation, individual support and leads charitable and collaborative endeavours.

Emerald Network

Emerald's vision is to connect the ummah through networking. UK's longest established Muslim Professionals Social Network. Celebrating diversity and hosting events around Muslim arts, business, entrepreneurs, charity fundraising and more!

Muslim Engineers Network

With over 500 Engineeering professionals and students across the UK in Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Construction, Railways sectors and more. Initiatives include networking dinners, seminars and more.

Muslim Teachers Association

Established in 1979, MTA provides support and advice to Muslim teachers and educators. We aim to address issues that Muslim teachers and pupils are facing in schools.

Muslim Women Connect (MWC)

MWC is an initiative born out of a need to address workplace inequality and brings together Muslim women from a broad range of careers and walks of life in order to network, connect with and nurture the next generation of women.

Muslims in Rail

Connecting, Growing and Inspiring Muslims working in the rail industry. Muslim in Rail (MIR) has a range of initiatives planned including mentoring, Discover Ramadan initiative, annual networking dinner and promoting Diversity & Inclusion at work

NHS Improvement (NHSI) Muslims

To give Muslim employees a voice at the NHS and to further their prospects at work through providing them with the necessary skills to develop. We are focused on building awareness about Islam across the workplace and helping promote the work NHSI does.

Public Health England
Muslim Network

Representing Muslims in the PHE workforce. Raising awareness of the Islamic belief and practises. Supporting PHE health initiatives and engagement with the Muslim community.

Shia Professionals of London

A non-profit organisation with over 2,200 members striving to help individuals to advance their career aspirations. We provide mentoring and business networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors, organise workshops and provide career sessions for young professionals and students.

The City Circle

A grassroots voluntary run/funded charity delivering several projects in the local community in London, including free weekly talks, two supplementary Saturday schools and weekly soup kitchen for the homeless.

Civil Service Muslim Network

Civil Service Muslim Network (CSMN) strives to bridge an understanding on Islam and focuses on sharing best practice on faith and inclusion in the workplace, encouraging positive conversations and in fostering a culture of belonging.

FTSE 100 Muslim Network

Encouraging and enabling greater awareness, connectivity, collaboration and mutual support amongst Muslims in FTSE100 companies.

Our Associate Members


Establish in 1963, the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) is the national umbrella for the 150,000 Muslim students in 120 Islamic societies at colleges and universities in the UK and Ireland.

Muslim Council of Britain (MCB)

MCB is the largest Muslim umbrella body in the UK with over 500 affiliated mosques, charities and schools. Established in 1997, it is independent, non-sectarian and committed to strengthening the Muslim voice in British society.

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